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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Shipping Saint help me save money shipping online auctions?

By saving you about half the time shipping out each auction. With the extra time savings, some of our customers have even added more auctions. Others have found they're able to add more lots per auction, with the capacity to process, pack, and ship those items without additional online auction fees or labor costs. More revenue, more profits, same expenses.

How much time can this save?

Depending on the features you use, Shipping Saint will save you 50-70% on packing and shipping each auction.


How can Shipping Saint help my shipping process?

Shipping Saint organizes the workflow into easy-to-understand stages. Employees know exactly at what stage the Lot (Item) is throughout the process. It also tracks the location of the Lot/Package so it's easy to locate without having to search through piles of boxes. 


How can Shipping Saint save me time communicating with customers?

Shipping Saints automates routine customer communications for you. Upon closing an auction, Shipping Saint immediately emails winning bidders on the status of their items, along with their invoice. The invoice notification allows them to pay directly by phone or email. This communication step dramatically reduces the number of phone calls auction houses receive from inquisitive customers. 

How can Shipping Saint help me monetize my shipping process?

Shipping Saint allows you to view, compare shipping rates, and select your chosen carrier for each item. By making the shipping process more efficient and profitable, Shipping Saint allows shipping to become an additional revenue stream for your business. Shipping Saint also has features built in for tracking labor time and packing supply inventory through the on-screen packing workflow. You'll know just how much your packing-and-shipping process costs you to better set your packing rates to ensure profitability. 

I use an outside pack/ship company. Can they use your system?

Absolutely! Shipping Saint was first designed for a Pack & Ship store! You can authorize your Pack/Ship service to access your customer & item information for them to pack and ship your auction. They'll know what items need to be packed and are ready to ship in real-time.


How much does it cost to use Shipping Saint?

Shipping Saint costs just 10¢ for each order imported into our system and $1 per shipping invoice. There are no additional fees and no monthly subscription charges. Your cost is based solely upon usage.


Can I see how Shipping Saint works before I sign up?

Of course! Call (812) 233-3949 to schedule a free demonstration. You can ask any other questions you may have in person, on the phone, or online!


I need Shipping Saint now! How do I sign up?

Call (812) 233-3949 and we'll walk you through setting up your account, setting up your preferences, answering questions, and helping automate and make your packing department profitable.

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