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Shipping Saint seeks to be a blessing to all within its influence using automation software to maximize efficiency in our customers’ business.

Our Mission:


It started with a problem. Possibly the same one you have. A small pack-and-ship store in Illinois had as much shipping as it could handle. Possibly more. Tasked by one of its customers — a neighboring auction house — with packing and shipping an expanding online auction trade, the increased online auction load was doubling — even tripling — its shipping volume. Even for a company whose business was packing and shipping, the task was overwhelming. Late nights and weekends, overflowing storage spaces, excessive paperwork, chaos, disorder, and stress. There had to be a better way.

The owner of the pack-and-ship business reached out to a friend — an accountant and efficiency expert — to analyze the packing workflow and offer ideas for making operations run more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. After a few days observing and studying the pack-and-ship operation, a solution was formed: automate the routine processes. Combine
several data entry points to eliminate double entry. Essentially, streamline the entire workflow. Shipping Saint was born.
Shipping Saint is software that makes the complex bulk packing and shipping process easy, reducing labor costs, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing the volume your company is able to handle so you can increase profits. 
Call for a free demo. (812) 233-3949.

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